Battery Gauge


Peak West EV installs a battery gauge whenever a solar charging system is installed (and when one isn't already present.). It is CRITICAL that you avoid over-discharging your batteries. Running batteries to more than 80% depth of discharge will shorten the life of your batteries. And battery replacement is expensive ~ $800!


We can put a man on the moon, but we can't make an affordable battery gauge that tells us how much "fuel" is actually left in the "tank". The most reliable gauge we have found is a simple analog meter. It is to be used as a low battery indicator. We calibrate each one precisely such that, while driving at maximum speed on level ground, the needle will be on "E" when the batteries are at 80% depth of discharge. When that happens, it's time to charge your cart as soon as possible. With more experience, you can get some sense of your remaining battery capacity at different levels.

Remember, your lead acid batteries will last longest if you can operate with them between 50 and 85% state of charge (15-50% depth of discharge). And charge them completely with a wall charger at least once a month, whether in use or in storage.

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